We Get Results!

Our SIU team utilizes the very best surveillance equipment available, and a van customized for covert assignments. For those difficult cases, Cook Claims Services, Inc. utilizes a comprehensive “bloodhound” database, designed to cross reference information on a claimant or witness, saving both time and money, before the actual field investigation begins.

  • Surveillance
  • Witness Location
  • Pre-Trial Investigation
  • Criminal Background (per state)
  • Verification of SS#, Name and DOB
  • Pretex Neighbors Telephone
  • Business & Owner Credit Profile
  • Employment Tracker
  • Possible Corporate Affiliations
  • DMV Abstract (per state)
  • Real Property Search (per state)
  • Subject Watercraft Ownership
  • DMV Registration (per state)
  • Accident Site Diagrams
  • Subpoena Service